ACT introduces individual section retesting


The ACT has announced three new big developments for the 2020/2021 school year:

1) Beginning with the September 2020 national ACT test date, students who have already taken a full-length ACT exam will have the option to retake individual sections of the ACT (English, math, reading, science and/or writing) instead of the entire exam. This will have major implications on ACT testing in the future!

2) Students will also have the option of online or paper testing on national test days at ACT test centers (selected test centers initially, eventually expanding to all). The test is currently administered only on paper on national test dates.

3) ACT will report a superscore for students who have taken the ACT test more than once, giving colleges the option to use the student’s best scores from all test administrations, rather than scores from just one sitting, in their admission and scholarship decisions. New ACT research suggests that superscoring is actually more predictive of how students will perform in their college courses than other scoring methods. Colleges often already superscore students' ACT results, but this development will make it that much easier for colleges to do so.

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