Test Prep Gurus is committed to offering our people opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. We’ll ask a lot from you and we’ll provide a lot in return. If you're interested in working with a talented and passionate team, and want to effect positive change in the world through your work, then we would love to hear from you.


Rules we work by:

  1. Our clients will walk over hot coals to help their child reach their future goals. So will we.

  2. Test prep isn't a cost. It's an investment.

  3. Standardized exams tell us little of value about an individual -- the scores are simply a means to reach his or her long term goals.

  4. Our secret sauce is “D.I.G.”

    • Deliberate Practice

    • Intrinsic Motivation

    • Growth Mindset

  5. The test prep process has the power to change students’ lives – the colleges they are admitted to, the scholarships they win, and what they perceive they are capable of in the future.


Who We Are:

  • Nothing is standardized, each program is unique. We customize each program to more effectively help students achieve their goals.

  • First guide the student to understand why we are doing what we are doing. The what, how, and when, come after.

  • We know that good grades or intelligence don't always correlate with high starting scores on these exams. Each student's starting score is just a jumping off point.

  • Everything we do is structured to achieve a result: the homework, practice tests, schedule, instructor pairing, partner communication, and so on, down the last little detail.

  • We utilize a “takes a village approach” to ensure student-success. Every part of the team matters, the director, the instructors, the support staff, the parents, and the counselor.

  • Bootcamps aren’t healthy (or very effective). If that's your thing, we probably aren't a good fit for you.

  • We take the time to learn about each family and student.

  • Choosing a test prep firm is similar to hiring a law firm. Quality and experience make the difference between a mediocre experience and an exceptional one.

  • We don't just talk about growth mindset. We live it.

  • The test prep process, when properly executed, is about much more than increasing a score. It’s about admission to a selective right-fit college, winning scholarships, increasing opportunities for the future, and inspiring students to push the boundaries of what they believe is possible.


Who We are Not:

  • If the cram school model sounds appealing, you won’t find it here.

  • We don’t teach to a test. We go much deeper than that. Over time it becomes mentoring, coaching, and pushing students to grow beyond their perceived barriers and flourish.

  • We are not tutors. We are instructors.

  • We don’t punch time cards. Schedules are flexible and fluid so that we can meet students and clients on their time.

  • We aren’t instructional mercenaries. This is a passion.


Test Prep Gurus is currently accepting applications for part-time SAT and ACT instructors in Claremont, Pasadena, and throughout Orange County. We're looking for personable educators who are excited to help young people reach their goals for college by improving their standardized test scores.    


The Details:

  • Part-time instructors typically work 5-30 hours per week (you choose how much or little you want to work.)

  • Flexible, autonomous teaching environment.

  • Support from the entire organization -- we find the students, provide ongoing training, handle the scheduling, provide professional learning spaces, etc., so you can focus solely on teaching.


Please Include:

  • Resume with Education and Work History (highlight any test prep experience) 

  • Standardized Score on ACT or SAT (testing can also be completed in our offices)

  • Summary of Academic or Standardized Exam Instruction Experience


Test Prep Gurus is currently accepting applications for a part-time Director. We are looking for someone who is passionate about helping young people reach their goals, and would enjoy helping families build test prep plans to reach their future goals.


The Details:

*This is a part-time position with a flexible schedule.


Please Include:

  • Resume with Education and Work History

  • A note about why you would be a great fit for the Test Prep Gurus culture.


Name *