We would love the opportunity to help your son or daughter improve his or her standardized test scores. It's what we do. 

We do it because we know that the test prep process has the power to change students’ lives – the colleges they are admitted to, the scholarships they win, and what they perceive they are capable of accomplishing in the future. 

  Students scoring in the top 1% of the country.

Students scoring in the top 1% of the country.

  Massive score improvements that change students' lives.

Massive score improvements that change students' lives.

  Scholarships to the world's most prestigious universities.

Scholarships to the world's most prestigious universities.

“Test Prep Gurus was one of the wisest investments we made for our son. Due to the superior instruction, he was able to improve by 8 points on the ACT and score in the top 1% in the nation. Now he’s eligible for merit aid from USC, a school that would otherwise have not been feasible. The management was also extremely communicative and insightful through every step of the process. This program went above and beyond our expectations.”

- Jason and Cami Weiss, Parents at Troy High School

For three years running, we have helped the The Webb Schools rank in the top 10 boarding schools in the country for highest SAT scores.

(Business Insider: "The 24 Smartest Boarding Schools in America")

“We have had an outstanding experience with Test Prep Gurus. The program was individualized to meet our son’s needs. We can recommend Test Prep Gurus with the utmost confidence.”

- Christy Marlin, Parent and Trustee at Sage Hill School

Our students are consistently admitted to the country's top colleges and universities, including Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, MIT, Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, Rice, University of Chicago, the Claremont Colleges, Swarthmore, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC.  

However, we understand that choosing the right college isn't about rankings, it’s about finding the right fit for your son or daughter. 

There are many options for our children when preparing them for their college entrance exams …. we were blessed when friends referred Test Prep Gurus to us. They simply under promised and over delivered. Professional, caring and conscientious, they helped our son achieve results that will make a big difference, while also boosting his confidence in the process. A wise investment.

- John Porrello, Parent and Board Member at JSerra Catholic High School

Recent news from our students:

Grand Slam! That’s how I would describe my son’s overall experience with Test Prep Gurus. His teachers were encouraging while challenging, systematic as well as comprehensive, and attentive to his individual needs. Bottom line... they helped him raise his score by 300 points! Thank you for your dedication to partnering with students to better their future. Seeing my son’s face and listening to the excitement in his voice as he pulled up his final test scores was absolutely priceless!

- Donelle Bentley, Parent at The Webb Schools

After working with Test Prep Gurus, my daughter scored in the top 1% of the country on the ACT. She’s only a Junior and has already been offered a scholarship. Test Prep Gurus is 100% worth the investment.
— A.L., Parent at Sage Hill School

Test Prep Gurus also offers academic instruction designed to help unleash your son's or daughter's potential.  

Does your child need help with a test? Study skills or time management? Does he or dislike school? We are here to help.

Test Prep Gurus goes well beyond basic academic tutoring. Our instructors will take time to understand your student's short and long term goals. We will establish how high school and college can act as a springboard to reach those goals. We will emphasize that intelligence and talent are not stagnant, but developed over time. We will teach your son or daughter to develop a growth mindset and to overcome their unique obstacles with determination and confidence. 

The efforts of Test Prep Gurus have altered the course of Miles’ life and of his education.

- Margie Serkin, Parent at The Webb Schools.

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