Learn from Anywhere

Our virtual instruction platform affords families around the globe the opportunity to work with Test Prep Gurus. Our goal is to provide international students with convenient and effective access to the best instructors in the world that would otherwise be unavailable due to the challenges of time and distance. 

Many of our virtual instructors are bilingual and/or trilingual and have previous extensive experience living and teaching abroad. Chinese families can be assured that we can pair students with instructors who speak Mandarin or Cantonese.  

We provide instruction for all academic subjects and standardized examinations, including the ACT and the SAT. Our virtual test preparation program is reserved for a limited number of students who are dedicated to achieving the best ACT and SAT scores possible.  

Work with the Best

Test Prep Gurus ranked #1 as the best test prep company in the western United States for helping students achieve the highest score improvements on the ACT examination (contact us for more details about this independent study). 

Our unique growth-mindset teaching methodology unleashes our students' potential on the ACT and SAT. Higher scores enable our students to consistently gain admission to the top colleges in the nation, including Princeton, Harvard, Chicago, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, Duke, Dartmouth, Cal Tech, Northwestern, Brown, Cornell, Notre Dame, Georgetown, and all of the University of California campuses, including UC Berkeley and UCLA. 

Test Prep Gurus works closely with numerous elite independent schools, including The Webb Schools, a private boarding school on the West Coast of the United States with a large community of Chinese and international students. We understand the expectations of international families and the work that is necessary to help students gain admission and succeed at American universities and beyond. 

No Barriers


The Test Prep Gurus virtual instruction platform includes the following features:

  • Real-time audio and video communication, as well as text chat
  • Interactive white boards that both teacher and student can write on
  • Inbuilt mathematical functions and equations
  • File-sharing of any file-type, including video explanations
  • The ability to quickly draw geometric shapes pertaining to SAT/ACT questions

Final thoughts: It's important to keep in mind that the technology used actually isn't the biggest difference-maker between a mediocre virtual learning experience and an excellent one.

Working with hundreds of students across the globe has taught us that the most important variables in any test prep program are the same whether it's in-person or across multiple time zones:

  • Our uniquely designed training program that makes our exclusive pool of instructors the best in the country.
  • Our directors who take the time to understand each family's specific goals, and then work tirelessly to make sure each family is on track to achieve their goals.
  • Our D.I.G. teaching methodology:
  1. Deliberate Practice - building skill-sets and achieving superior performance through expert instruction.
  2. Intrinsic Motivation - cultivating self-driven desire to achieve a goal.
  3. Growth Mindset - the belief that one can acquire a given ability by investing enough effort and study.

Contact us for more details about our virtual instruction packages.