Recent News About Our Students


*Sage Hill Senior is accepted to Stanford, congratulations!


*Northwood Senior:

English: 34 (98th Percentile)

Math: 33 (98th Percentile)

Reading: 34 (99th Percentile)

Science: 36 (99th Percentile)

Essay: 10

Composite: 34 (99th Percentile)

Superscore: 35 (99th Percentile)



*Sage Hill Senior:

Starting Score: 1430

Official Score: 2030

Starting Score Percentile: 41

Official Score Percentile: 94

Super Score: 2110

Score Improvement: +680

Percentile Improvement: +56



*Damien Senior:

Baseline SAT: 1570

Baseline Percentile: 58

Official SAT: 2140

Official Percentile: 97

Score Improvement: +570

Percentile Improvement: +39


*Hailey B. of the Webb Schools is accepted to Dartmouth, congratulations!


*Orange Lutheran Senior:

Starting Score: 23

Starting Percentile: 68

Official Score: 31

Official Percentile: 97

Score Improvement:+8

Percentile Improvement: +29



*Claremont High School Senior is accepted to Pomona College, congratulations!

*The Webb Schools, Senior:

Starting Score: 2110

Starting Score Percentile: 97

Official Score: 2230

Official Score Percentile: 99


*Whittier Christian, Senior:

Starting Score: 20 (49th %)

Official Score: 27 (87th)

Improvement: +7 


*The Webb Schools, Senior:

Starting Score: 1420

Starting Score Percentile: 40

Official Score: 1840

Official Score Percentile: 84

Score Improvement: +420

Percentile Improvement: +44


*Brea Olinda Senior:

Baseline Score: 30

Baseline Percentile: 95

Official Score: 33

Official Percentile: 99


*Sage Hill Senior:

Starting Score: 1820

Starting Score Percentile: 83

Official Score: 2180

Official Score Percentile: 98

Score Improvement: +360

Percentile Improvement: +15


*The Webb Schools, Senior:

Official Score: 2190

Official Score Percentile: 98


*Orange Lutheran Senior:

Starting Score: 16

Starting Percentile: 22

Official Score: 24

Official Percentile: 74

Score Improvement: +8

Percentile Improvement: +52


*Sage Hill Senior:

Starting Score: 1500

Starting Score Percentile: 50

Official Score: 1830

Official Score Percentile: 83

Score Improvement: +330

Percentile Improvement: +33


*Orange Lutheran Senior:

Starting Score: 23 (68th Percentile)

Official Score: 31 (97th Percentile)

Improvement: +8 (+29 Percentile Points)


*Webb Senior accepted to Stanford.


*Villa Park HS Senior reaches ACT goal of 32.


*Corona Del Mar Senior:

Starting Score: 25 (79th Percentile)

Official Score: 30 (95th Percentile)

Improvement: +5 (+16 Percentile Points)

*Dora Liu, The Webb Schools:

Super Score: 2240 (99th Percentile)

Math: 800 / Critical Reading 720 / Writing 720


*Brea Olinda High School Junior:

Starting ACT Score: 23 (68th Percentile).

Official ACT Score: 30 (95th Percentile).

Score Improvement: +7

Percentile Improvement: +27


*Claremont High School Senior, Class of 2013:

SAT: 2330 (99th+ Percentile)


*Sage Hill School Senior:

Starting SAT Score: 1310 (26th Percentile).

Official SAT Score: 1740 (78th Percentile).

Improvement: 430 Points (+52 Percentile Points).


“I want to say thank you to everyone at Test Prep for helping my daughter. (She) was accepted to CMC this fall and I have to attribute a big part of her success to everyone at Test Prep!”


*Toby Dunlap, Orange Lutheran Junior:

Starting ACT Score: 24 (74th Percentile).

Official ACT Score: 30 (95th Percentile).


*Madison Weigand, Claremont High School:

ACT Score: 35 (99th Percentile).


“We have had an outstanding experience with Test Prep Gurus.  The program was individualized to meet our son’s needs. We can recommend Test Prep Gurus with the utmost confidence.”

-Christy Marlin, Sage Hill School Parent & Trustee.


*Sage Hill School Senior:

Starting SAT Score: 1510 (50th Percentile).

Official ACT Score: 31, ~2060 (97th Percentile).

Improvement: +550 (+47 Percentile Points.)


*Britton Bentley, The Webb Schools:

Starting SAT Score: 1540 (55th Percentile).

Official SAT Score: 2090 (96th Percentile).

Improvement: 550 Points.


*Harry L., Sage Hill School:

Composite ACT Score: 34 (99th Percentile).

English: 35 (99th Percentile).

Math: 34 (99th Percentile).

Reading: 34 (99th Percentile).

Science 34 (99th Percentile).


*Inland Empire Senior: “I got into BERKELEY, my dream school!”


*Lauren Herndon, The Webb Schools:

ACT Score Improvement: +4 points.  


*Alex Morales, Sage Hill School:

Official Score: 2280 (99th+ Percentile).

Notes: Perfect 800 Writing score.  Perfect 800 Critical Reading score.


*Claremont High School Senior:

Starting Score: 2010 (93rd Percentile).

Official Score: 2250 (99th Percentile).


I don’t usually make recommendations like this but this is a unique organization that offers students with specifically tailored program to meet the needs of each student. (My daughter) went from an initial ACT test score of 26 to an actual exam score of 32 with 10 on the writing section. She scored a 4 on her AP Calc exam and a 5 on AP Lit exam this year. Finally, she completed her junior year with 4.0 and 4.1 GPA’s for fall and spring semesters, respectively.  They run a well organized business with extremely talented tutors and keep each students’ current data at hand, readily available to answer questions. We have been through so many tutoring centers (Korean and American) but never seen a center so uniquely organized with successful results.”


*Harry Lubowe, Sage Hill School:

Math II Subject Exam 790.


*Brooks Westervelt, Sage Hill School:

Starting Score: 1710 (74th Percentile).

Official Score: 2070 (96th Percentile).

Notes: 4-Week Program.  Perfect essay score.


*LA County:

Starting Score: 2010 (96th Percentile).

Official Score: 2380 (99th Percentile).

Notes: Perfect scores in Math and Writing. Matriculated to Harvard.


*The Webb Schools in Claremont, CA:

Starting score: 1440 (44th Percentile).

Official Score: 2000 (96th Percentile).

Notes: Matriculated to one of the Claremont Colleges.


Villa Park Parent:  “I wanted to shoot a quick note thanking you and everyone at Test Prep Gurus for working with my daughter.  I really feel you guys made the process as easy as it could be and have made a difference for her.  I will certainly be recommending you to everyone I know!”


*The Webb Schools in Claremont, CA:

Starting score of 1810 (82nd Percentile).

Official Score: 2260 (98th percentile).

Notes: 800’s in Writing and Literature Subject exam. Matriculated to Brown University.


*Orange County:

Starting Score on ACT: 28 (91st Percentile).

Official Score: 35 (99th Percentile).

Notes: Perfect 36 on English and Math sections.


*Sage Hill School in Newport Beach, CA:

Starting Score on ACT: 23 (68th Percentile).

Official Score: 32 (98th Percentile).

Note: An equivalent increase of ~540 points on the SAT.

A Personal Touch

  •  Every student is unique.  Shouldn’t every test prep program be unique too?  All of our test prep programs are individualized to the particular needs and goals of the student.  There is no one size fits all program.  Our personalized approach is what allows us to deliver such exceptional results.  We work with students of all levels.

  •   Test Prep Gurus is recommended by families from  The Webb Schools, Sage Hill School, Orange Lutheran, Tarbut V’ Torah, Corona del Mar, St. Margaret’s, Santa Margarita, JSerra, Troy, University, Oxford, Foothill Country Day School, Claremont High School, St. Lucy’s, Fairmont Academy, Whitney, South Pasadena, and Westridge, among many others!

  •  Past students have been accepted to Stanford, USC, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Brown, Cornell, NYU, Columbia, Wesleyan, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Rice, University of Chicago, the Claremont Colleges, Swarthmore, UC Berkeley and many other top colleges and universities.  However, we understand that choosing the right school isn’t about college rankings, it’s about finding the right fit.  Test Prep Gurus is here to help you set goals for the future, map out a plan to reach those goals, and then execute the plan together.  

  •  All of our 1-on-1 programs come with a guarantee that you’ll improve by 200 points or score 2000+.  If you don’t we’ll give you 10 free hours to prepare you for your next exam.

  •  Last year…
    • Our students averaged improvements of 320-420 points on the SAT and 4-6 points on the ACT.
    • 1 in 5 of our SAT students improved by 500+ points.
    • 1 in 3 of our ACT students improved 6-8 composite points.
    • Our students averaged a percentile ranking improvement of 30 points.
    • We helped the Webb Schools rank in the top 25 U.S. boarding schools in the country for highest average SAT scores.


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