SAT Printing Error Gives Students Extra Time

Thousands of students who took the SAT on Saturday are concerned about the validity of their test scores, thanks to a printing error that resulted in some students getting extra time on one section.  For one section, students were told in their test booklets that they had 25 minutes to finish, when in fact, they should have only had 20 minutes. We will keep you posted on how the College Board responds to this error.

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Update, 8 June 2016, 4:30pm: 

From the College Board:

"After a comprehensive review and statistical analysis, the College Board and ETS have determined that the affected sections will not be scored and we will still be able to provide reliable scores for all students who took the SAT on June 6. We expect to deliver scores within the usual timeframe.

To accommodate the wide range of incidents that can impact a testing experience, the SAT is designed to collect enough information to provide valid and reliable scores even with an additional unscored section. From fire drills and power outages to mistiming and disruptive behavior, school-based test administrations can be fragile, so our assessments are not."