Comparing ACT vs Redesigned PSAT Scores

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The starting point for any program is to identify where the student is currently scoring. Test Prep Gurus offers free diagnostic tests for the ACT, SAT and other exams to provide a baseline score, which we expand into a detailed analysis of the student's strengths and weaknesses. The above chart can be used to compare scores from the ACT and the New PSAT to determine if a student is better suited to the ACT or the New SAT. 

If a student falls into the neutral zone, the following questions can be helpful in determining whether he or she is better suited for the ACT or the New SAT.

  • Are you scoring closer to the SAT or ACT end of the neutral zone scale?
  • Will the delay of SAT results impact your planning?
  • Have you completed Algebra II?
  • Did you receive accommodations on ONLY one exam?
  • How close are you to the mean scoring range for your first-choice, right-fit schools?

If you would like personalized help in determining whether the ACT or SAT is a better fit for your student, contact us here.