Nick Standlea to Speak at the National Association of Independent Schools 2016 Conference

What Stories Do These Scores Tell?

This session will explore how quantitative data such as test scores, admissions numbers, and other statistics can be used to tell a variety of stories in independent schools. We'll look at the topic through several lenses, including the college admissions process and institutional branding.    

College Admissions Process: We’ll explore how quantifiable data such as test scores and grades interact with qualitative measures such as essays, strength of curriculum, course selection, and letters of recommendation to create powerful student-narratives in the college admissions process.    

Institutional Branding:  The panel will discuss how quantifiable data such as grades, test scores and admissions statistics can be utilized to tell larger institutional stories.   These pieces of data are commonly disseminated by independent schools as dry statistics.  However, they can be much more powerful when used as hard evidence to support broader narratives that highlight an independent school's mission, strengths, unique population, and vision for the future.



Hector Martinez, Director of College Guidence, The Webb Schools

Deren Finks, Director of College Guidance, The Cranbrook School

Alice Cotti, Director of College Guidance, Polytechnic School

Nick Standlea, President, Test Prep Gurus