8 Things We Learned About the UCs

1) UCLA recently saw a 50% increase in admits with 21+ Honors/AP courses. 

To complete 21+ semesters of Honors/APs, a student would have to average more than 5 per year, beginning as a freshman.  Are we the only ones who think this is overkill? Probably not.  

But this stat really demonstrates how competitive admission to California's top UC campuses has become. 

Several of the UC Deans of Admission told us that these numbers are rising due to more and more high school students taking classes at community colleges during the summer.  

2) One out of four students who were admitted to UC Berkeley in 2015 scored a 35 or 36 on the ACT.

*Mid-50 range on the ACT (above) is 30-34, meaning 25% of admits scored below 30, 50% scored between 30-34, and 25% scored 35 or 36.

3) UC Berkeley will be asking some students for recommendation letters in the 2016-17 admission cycle. 

4) 68% of UC San Diego's 2015 admits had a GPA above 4.0.

5) It's harder to get into UCLA's nursing program than it is their film program.

6) UC Irvine is adding even more buildings.  

7) Only 7% of students who were offered spots on UCSB's wait list were actually admitted.

8) Stories Resonate.  

When we asked people what they remembered most from the nine UC campus updates, it wasn't UCLA or UC Berkeley's impressive test scores and GPAs.  It wasn't the new buildings planned at many of the other campuses. The hands-down winner was Lisa Przekop's (Santa Barbara's Dean of Admissions) tale of rising to #2 on the list of educational institutions with the most Nobel Prize winners.  She ended her story with a question: "Do you know who #1 is?  No? It doesn't matter because in a few more years UCSB will be on top!"  

People believed her.  With one story she changed the way many of the counselors in the room thought about her campus.  

This is a good lesson for students.  Statistics, like those found in GPAs, test scores, extra curricular activities, APs, and strength of curriculum are very important in college admissions.  But nothing resonates with your fellow human beings like an engaging story.  

So when applying to college, don't be afraid to tell your story, in your voice.  If you do, the right school will find you.  


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