Test Prep: 8 reasons why 1-on-1 is more effective than a class

We are often asked why 1-on-1 instruction for the SAT or ACT is superior to classroom instruction. Here are just few of the reasons: 

1. Students will have the full attention of their instructors to maximize specific strengths and address areas of improvement,

2. Instructors take time to articulate and understand the student’s short and long term goals and personalize instruction to reach those goals,

3. The instruction is customized to the student’s particular character, personality, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals,

4. Students are paired with instructors based on their particular needs and personalities,

5. Students work more efficiently and effectively at their own pace,

6. The test prep schedule can be tailored to students’ busy lives,

7. Students receive mental and emotional support to ameliorate testing anxiety and stress,

8. By monitoring a student’s progress every step of the way, the instructors are able to help students achieve unparalleled success.

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