Do Excellent Grades = High SAT & ACT Scores?

No, they don't. Students with excellent grades are more likely to score higher on the SAT and ACT.  But many students with high GPAs do not score as high on standardized exams as they presumed they would. 

It may surprise you to know that the material on the SAT and ACT exams often does not align with what students learn in school (for example, students are rarely asked to write, edit, and submit an entire essay in under forty minutes). ACT and College Board work quite hard to align their assessments with what is taught in high school. But as you might imagine, it is extraordinarily difficult to create one standardized exam that assesses what millions of students across the country (and the world) learn in high school.

The key is that students should not fear the disconnect between the material they learn in school and the questions they'll face on the ACT and SAT. Instead, they should recognize the exams for what they are -- stepping stones on the path to their goals for the future.The SAT and ACT reward students' hard work and dedication. With the right instructors, the right system, and a little bit of elbow grease, students can improve their scores dramatically. 

Viewed in this context, the SAT and ACT are no longer assessments -- they are opportunities. 


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